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Attending a photoshoot can be an unforgettable experience, even more, when we are recording an important moment of our lives.

There's a lot of anxiety and expectation that everything goes perfectly, but if it's your first time or even you didn't feel that the last time was what you expected, here it is some tips on how you can have a better experience

Sydney Portrait Photoshoot

1- Forget the camera

Some people might be uncomfortable when there's a camera on their faces, try not to focus on that and act spontaneously, making different poses and expressions. The best photos are the ones that express some feelings or sensations.

In case you never have done before, do some research online on some poses that you like and try to repeat them at the day. Remember, everything is for you, if you have any suggestions or doubts, ask the photographer and the rest you leave for them.

2- Talk to your photographer about what do you expect

For the photoshoot goes as you expect, you must talk to your photographer. Give some look on her/his portfolio to know what kind of photos she/he is used to do and you can give some ideas about what you want, I'm sure if it's possible, they will do.

Having this conversation because both parts need to be with the same thoughts about the results.

3- Choosing Clothes

After you had scheduled your session e talked to your photographer about will be your photoshoot, another important thing is to choose what to wear

You should think about the place, time and kind of session when choosing your clothes

For example, let's say it's a maternity photoshoot, outdoor and early in the morning, in this situation, you may choose light and comfortable clothes. For a portrait session in the city, you may choose something more sophisticated and authentic. It's really important that you feel good with the clothes you pick and have harmony with the place

It's worth to research some photos and outfits on the internet to have a better idea of what to choose

4- Hair and Makeup

The hair and makeup are also an important thing for all goes perfect.

Some photographers include makeup in the photoshoot or have someone to indicate, but you may choose one of your preferences if it isn't included, as well as the hairdresser.

Don't forget to tell them about the kind of session you will be doing it and the clothes you will wear, your makeup artist and hairdresser may even have ideas that you can use, as they have experience and already prepare many people for moments like this.

5- Be prepared for unforeseen

Be punctual is essential for your photography session, keep an eye on the time you agreed with your photographer, makeup artist and hairdresser.

To avoid the delays happen, think about the time you will spend to be prepared for each professional and to go to from your house to the session place, everything must be considered when managing the time.

Even if some delay happens, stay calm and call the photographer to tell them you will arrive some minutes later, this way he can know the issued and possibly schedule another time for you

6- Be creative and enjoy as long as you can!

After a lot of preparation details, we finally get to the photoshoot. Use your creativity and be yourself, you may even play your favorite music to make yourself more comfortable, this is your time and we all want to be unforgettable, as better the mood, better will be the photos

I'm sure that if you following these tips you will see that attending a photography session can be pleasant and simple, and of course, the results will be amazing!


If any of these tips answered your doubts, please leave a comment telling me your experience, might be the one you had it or after you had used these tips.

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