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Maternity Gowns

Maternity Gowns Collection

This Exclusive Maternity Gowns Collection is available to the clients that purchase a Maternity Session with Sabrina Luz Studio.

As a photographer and fashion designer who specialises in maternity photography. With 8 awards to my name, I am dedicated to capture the beauty of motherhood through my lens. As a fashion designer, I also create custom outfits for my clients that are specifically designed for maternity photoshoots.

I use unique fabrics to create outfits that don't require any sewing, making them easy and comfortable to wear for my clients. My goal is to create outfits that enhance the natural beauty of my clients' bodies and make them feel confident and empowered.

Through my artistry, I aim to inspire others to celebrate the beauty of life and motherhood, and to capture those precious moments for eternity.

Maternity photographer | Sydney photographer

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