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Cake Smash Session

Kids love to make a mess and play with food. It's fun, it's instinctive and it's part of their exploration of the world. When we create a fun environment for your child, you can be very sure that some memorable moments will happen to result in unique photos.

The session lasts up to one hour

Before the Cake

A mini photoshoot before the cake where I'll take some solo portrait of the baby. Family is welcome to participate in this part as well, this way the baby will be more familiar with the environment.

The Smash

This is part of everything that gets messy and fun. We bring the cake and let the kid have fun exploring and smashing!

The cake 

The Splash

After all the messy it's time do clean up a little. A small tube is filled with just enough water to cover the baby's legs and some bath products to make bubbles. We splash and have fun again!

smash cake

There a few guidelines we would like you to consider when buying or making the cake.
Beware that the chocolate, as well as red-colored icing, can look little unsightly or even blood like (red icing) when smeared over baby's skin and surroundings. Buttercream or other soft icing will work best.
We found that smaller cakes up to 8-10'' diameter work great for the photos with children as they can get lost behind bigger cakes.
Most of our bubs wouldn't have eaten much "cakey" type food before one.
It is a good idea to give a baby piece of cake or small cupcake prior to the session so they will get familiar with the new type of food and new sensory experience.

Sydney photographer

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